Cramp Comfort: our response to your period pain

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Every woman experiences a cycle that is unique to her body and her period pain depends on it. It is estimated that close to 70% women in India experience period pain that can cause tiredness and discomfort. This kind of fatigue can keep us away from doing the things that we want to do . Even if that is something as tiny as making ourselves a warm bowl of soup.

After speaking to over 1 lakh women in our community, we realised that period pain is a lifelong companion who needs to be conditioned to adjust to our lives. We have to do something to keep it calm, to let it rest, so that we can do what we want to do.

How we came up with a solution for period pain

We thought around the idea of heat relief. Most of us resort to hot water bags to relieve ourselves from period pain but it has its own cons. We cannot move around with the bag and we always have to refill the water when it cools down. Our team at Nua consulted leading scientific figures for research and development to understand what will be the perfect product to regulate period pain.

One of our experts explained the process, “When it comes to periods, heat therapy is a relieving process. Mild heat soothes the abdominal and muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles of the uterus, increasing blood flow. Due to these easing effects, it is a reliable method of relieving menstrual pain.”

Based on this expert consultation and from what we discussed with our community members, we created Cramp Comfort – a heat patch that emits soothing heat for up to 8 hours and hugs your body to keep you comfortable.

How Cramp Comfort happened

Our team followed a three-fold approach. We started out with an in-depth research on the various types of therapies for relieving period pain. It turned out that a heat patch is a comfortable and reliable solution. We evaluated various methods to come up with a product that fits itself into a woman’s life. So that she doesn’t need to pause for a single moment.

Through systematic procedure we created air-activated patches that heat up on their own, and can fit in your underwear. The heat patch warms up at 45-50 degree celsius. This lets you go about your day – right from making that warm bowl of soup to completing any assignment – with ease, and there is no need to worry about carrying something bulky to relieve the pain.

You can also utilise the ingredients of the product as they are all 100% natural. You can either use them as fertilisers for your potted plant or empty the contents with the wet waste and dispose of the cover with the dry waster, once the patch has cooled down.

We listened to your stories, your experiences, and responded with a product that will keep period pain at bay. That’s the story of Nua’s Cramp Comfort. You can get your pack and set up your auto-repeat plan right here. So just relax and go with your flow.

Note: The heat patch is ideal for mild to moderate pain relief. In case you are experiencing severe pain, we would request you to seek recommendations from your doctor. 

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